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Trivial Little Place

"I am a dull and simple lad, cannot tell water from champagne..."
--The Kinks
derien @ rulesthe .net


What's it all mean?
Brief descriptions of what you'll find on each page.


smiley face with single curley hair on top and big ears
this is what I look like.

Pics of me and other important people in my life.

In my Art section you'll find works by Maine artists Schuyler Meyers, and Michael E. Bérubé as well as artists from away - Nate the Bear, Alain Paris, Jeff Dunas and Rachel Jensen.
Goddesses of Beauty (a small gallery celebrating female physical beauty [new addition 4/5/99]) and
Goddesses of Spirit (photos of and/or links to sites about women, both real and fictional, who I find inspiring [updated 12/1/98]), are here. And a couple of my own meager drawings from years ago when I could almost draw.


My writings: Fanfiction and original stories, poetry, essays, a Guide to Portland ME, reviews of strip clubs I've been to and books I've read, and my LiveJournal.


Links is pretty much self-explanatory - a hodgepodge of other pages which I find interesting. Right now there's informative pages, pages of friends and people I know, all stuffed together in one place with very little organization. My next project....yeah, right. (Updated December 1, 1998)


Oddities: things of fun or interest which people sent me in e-mail - quizzes, jokes, personality tests and an open letter from Prof. Jenkins about being on the unpopular side when testifying to the Senate on media violence. (November 6th, 1998)


eorsig.gifmy hunny's site

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