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These are my choices of the very best, but you can find the others here.

The prop which made the guests the most nervous.

A very rare photo of the elusive Caw.

The Tripped out Hippies.

Decoration which inspired the most questions.

The Cambridge Freak.

Drunken Salesman corners guests.

Death of a Network Admin.

The Prostitute gets fuzzy.

The Network Admin.

Drunken Salesman gets psycho.

The Contemplative Cowpoke.

The Prostitute holds up a wall.

Peace love dove, beads inscense and crash pads.

Earthmama Ruth.

A toothless Vampire

a Sophisticated Lady and an Employee of The Gap.

...and them again.

The Lady and The Devil

Prop we thought was the most fun.

"I don't drink... wine."

The morning after.

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