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People I know in Real Life

Sillama's Corean Diary My Mom.:) (And her old webpage still exists, here, but hasn't been updated since she's been gone.) Or if diaryland doesn't work, I check her Xanga diary.

Ora Smart as a whip, funny and sweet, what can't be said about Ora?

Jim Des has so much random information popping around his brain at any one time that it can be a challenge to keep up.:)
His avocation is being a carnival entertainer,
hence his huge collection of postcards of Old Orchard Beach.

Lorelei / Lemondropgirl

CRose1 A theatre buff / geek guy I used to work with.

Rowantree - who I went to high school with.

People I know online (highly incomplete list which is going to be expanded).

Zen - has an amazing ability to make real life sound like it's full of amusing and lovely moments.

Bravecows - If you like Zen and aren't scared of running into slash themes every now and then, read Bravecows.

Camwyn - Understands the Mountie ethic, but can write John Constantine better than Keanu can play him.;>


In case you wonder, "What Is Ska?" - the best definitions I've yet seen.

Beat Soup, (Boston Ska) I have their first cd, and play it over and over. Hope they come out with another soon! :) Their site is very good, maintained by a member of the band, Dan Cuetera, with lyrics, a bunch of MP3s and lots of fun stuff to read. Their April 1st 2000 set at the Middle East kicked ass! They opened, were followed by The Stubborn Allstars and Bim Skala Bim closed, but Beat Soup kept a larger percentage of their audience dancing than either of the other two bands, and Bim was really only on when Karl (of Beat Soup) sat in with them (I'll give it to Bim that they were probably having an off night because of recent line-up changes - their previous trombonist had recently had his jaw badly broken).

Bim Skala Bim, (Boston Ska) Now a national act.

Chumbawamba, their "portraits of the anarchists" page is neat.

The Beatroots: International music from Down East. We saw them at Common Ground (a hippy fair which I've been attending since my Mom used to work at it when I was a kid) and I just stood there groovin' for the entire show and didn't even notice the rain. (I couldn't fit under the tent, it was too packed.)

Eor's Music Review

Boston Ska Where one signs up for Grant Thayer's Weekly Ska Update, an e-mail newsletter, and gets all the latest on upcoming shows.


The Bujold Nexus: All about one of my favorite living authors, Lois McMaster Bujod. My mom likes her stuff, too. :) We both adore her action hero, Miles Vorkosigan - a sort of tall dwarf, who's bones shatter at the least impact. It's also been called "Russian novel space-opera." Seem unlikely? You've got to read it. :)

The Discworld Monthy: The fan club dedicated to Terry Pratchett and/or his Discworld series. He manages to pull off comedy interlaced with serious thought, without (in my opinion) getting preachy or stilted - a pleasure to read, and to digest.

The Terry Pratchett meet-up group. If you're in the area of Portland, Maine and you'd like to talk books, please join up so we can hang!


Tibetan Marriage Customs

Eeyore's Thistly Hideaway: No, not my hunny's page! This is a different Eeyore (note the many extra letters). The best place I've found for Pooh pictures and such.

Michael Meade and Associates I'm not sure how good the information is, or who these associates are, but I stumbled on this site while I was looking for stuff on vitamines.

AikiWeb: The Source For Aikido Information I'm not particularly a martial arts person, but the philosophies expressed interest me.