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Michael E. Bérubé



Nate the Bear
(I did tell you I was a Gillian Anderson fan, didn't I? I think Boadicea would have approved....)

Nate the Bear's "Scully Needs a Bigger Gun" series has disappeared now. :(


Alain Paris


"Kaolack," from his "Black Mirages" page.


Racheal Jensen

"Room With A View" and "Spoon"

(Racheal's page has gone away now, I'm so sad!)


Jeff Dunas

"Bovina,"(c) Jeff Dunas 1998 Follow this link to more of his work.

Things that caught my fancy

josephine baker thumbnail

Josephine Baker, actor, dancer, singer, model, hero of the French underground resistance during WWII - a work of art in herself, in my opinion.
silver thumbnail
"Silver," by Albert Joseph Moore.

drawings of my own...


"Dryad and Cat"
Crowley and Aziraphale pic
Illustration for Daegaer's fic "Bright With His Splendour."
(click pic for the enormous version)