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Swept Away!
Two Boys’ Adventures on The Great River (“With A Thousand Elephants!”)
— A Pseudo Victorian Boys Adventure

Author:  Derien
Genres:  Science-fiction/Victorian Adventure/Queer Teen Romance. 
Notes:  Original story, inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, P.G.  Wodehouse, G.M.  Fenn, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Daegaer.  My utmost, heartfelt thanks to Eor for brainstorming, listening, arguing, poking me with a pointy stick and supporting me in this venture since June of ’05 — I’m sure the experience would have killed a lesser man.  Daegaer has also been very patient, and several others (Littleredhead stands highly among them) have offered corrections, thoughts and considerations which have been very helpful.

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Chapter One: The Caravan Prepares

Chapter Two: Young Master Ethan makes himself Disliked, and the Caravan Arrives in the Village of Saradell.

Chapter Three: A Poor Shot and The Happy Recovery of a Misplaced Memento.

Chapter Four: The last farm. Into the wild lands. A strange bridge is built.

Chapter Five: The Ghost of the Caravan

Chapter Six: Swept Away!

Chapter Seven: On the River

Chapter Eight: In Which Phipps is Hot and Tom is Bothered

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