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Fan Fiction

Fanfics written by me, and one written by someone else which features me as a character.

General Disclaimer: I use other people's characters and write my own stories about them. No copyright infringement is intended by doing so, I'm not making any money off them. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that.

General Warning: Be forewarned that you might find stories on this page that feature male/male or female/female romantic-sexual relationships and some of those physical expressions that go along with said relationships. If you (or someone legally responsible for you( is going to have a fit about this you are urged to go away now. (I do try to make it clear on each story what the rating is if there's any touching or thinking about touching in it.)

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Stories based on P. G. Wodehouse's "Mike," featuring Psmith.

(please note: Newest will always be on top, so if you haven't read these before, start with the one at the bottom of the list, "Studying Mike.")

Another Book, Another Bookshop - Fandom: Wodehouse x Good Omens. Summary: Mike's looking for a birthday present for Psmith. Notes: Slapdash short for Bravecows birthday, done in an hour. Rating: G. Implied m/m relationship.

Two Minutes After - Date: 2005-03-27. Fandom: P.G. Wodehouse. Summary: A bit of the sex that happens two minutes after the end of The Book III. Word count: 376. Rating: R.

The Book III - Date: 2005-03-27. Fandom: P.G. Wodehouse. Summary: Mike tries to distract Psmith from the annoyance of his bad ankle on a rainy day. Word count: 1,883. Rating: G.

The Book II - Date: 2005-02-23. Fandom: P.G. Wodehouse. Summary: Psmith returns from infirmary with his bad ankle and needs help hobbling around. Mike is feeling a little awkward about knowing things he shouldn't. Word count: 846. Rating: G.

The Book - Date: 2005-02-20. Fandom: P.G. Wodehouse. Summary: Mike finds a book Psmith had been reading that implies something about Psmith which he hadn't guessed at. Word Count: 687. Rating: G.

Studying Mike - Date: 2005-02-19. Fandom: "Mike," Psmith stories, P.G. Wodehouse. Summary: Psmith takes an opportunity to watch Mike unobserved. Recreation from Psmith's POV of a scene from "Mike." Word Count: 803. Rating: G.


Stories based on P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories.

Absence of Madeline, - Date: 2005-08-27. Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster (Wodehouse). Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster/Gussie. Rating: X Warnings: Sex between three guys, also some light bondage and domination (consensual).

Bended Knee - Date: 2004-10-30. Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster (Wodehouse). Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster. Rating: PG Warnings: angsty. Implied m/m relationship. Summary: These things happen to couples, sometimes. Notes: My version of the events that led up to the canon story "The Return of Jeeves," what was happening with Bertie Wooster while Jeeves was working for Lord Towcester, and how Jeeves actually came to 'return' (to Bertie) at the end of that story.

The Sleeping Aid - Date: 2004-10-02. Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster (Wodehouse). Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster. Rating: R


Stories based on Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen, as interpreted by Daegaer.

What Didn't Happen, Later - Date: 2004-10-15. Fandom: GO. Characters: Aziraphale and Crowley. Summary: Crowley tries to make up for his mistakes. Notes: Sequels the second of Daegaer's "Three Things That Never Happened To Anthony Crowley."


Stories based on Daegaer's Fluffy Japanese Schoolboys fic which was a fic of Good Omens when it started. (o.O)

Christmas Wishes - Date: 2005-12-25. Fandom : Daegaer's Fluffy Japanese Schoolboys. Characters: The FJS - Hanabusa Akinari / Tanaka Chojiro. Warnings: m/m kiss. Summary: Their first clash as a couple. Notes: See "On Waking" for notes as to who the FJS are.

Everything Old Is New Again - Date: 2004-10-14. Fandom : Daegaer's Fluffy Japanese Schoolboys. Characters: The FJS - Hanabusa Akinari / Tanaka Chojiro. Warnings: m/m kiss. Summary: Their first kiss as real boys. Notes: See "On Waking" for notes as to who the FJS are.

Untitled FJS drabble - Date: 2004-10-11. Fandom : Daegaer's Fluffy Japanese Schoolboys. Word count : 100. Character : Hanabusa Akinari. Warnings : fashion faux pas. Notes: Refers to the FJSAU "deleted scene". See "On Waking" for notes as to who the FJS are.

Meeting Again For The First Time - Date: 2004-10-08. Sequel to "On Waking." Fandom: Daegaer's FJS (Akinari and Chojiro). Pairing: none. Rating: PG. Notes: See notes to "On Waking."

On Waking - Date: 2004-10-07. Fandom: Daegaer's Fluffy Japanese Schoolboys (Akinari and Chojiro). Pairing: none - maybe in a future story. Rating: PG. Note: May be read as a sequel to Daegaer's AU Good Omens fic, "Remembering Monsters." If you're not a Good Omens fan and don't want to have to read a novel and a rather long story before reading this, here's the background of the FJS in a nutshell (a very crammed nutshell): The boys actually had been killed, and their lives were lived, for some unspecified period of time (I randomly decided it was two years) by a demon and an angel who'd had their memories removed and thought they were the real boys. When the demon and the angel realized who they actually were they brought the boys back to life. That's why Chojiro and Akinari have spotty memories of that period of time.


Stories based on "Gilligan's Island." (o.O)


Opal - Date: 2004-09-26. Summary: Gilligan collects rocks.

Solvent - Pairing: Gilligan/Professor. Rating: NC17? Warnings: If you click on this link you assert that you are over age and not going to be offended by male/male smooshy stuff, and I don't want to hear you or anybody else yelling at me that I'm sick. I know I'm sick, I don't need your confirmation. Additional Note: This was a prequel written in response to MizzMarvel's "Gilligan Moves Out," but it's probably more fun if you read Gilligan Moves Out first.


Stories based Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

Maurice - Untitled flashfic - Date: 2004-10-09. Fandom: Terry Pratchett's Discworld, "The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents." Characters: Maurice, and cameo by Ponder Stibbons. Rating: PG Notes: Maurice seems to have allowed himself to be used as a guinea pig. I have no explanaition for this. If you haven't read "The Amazing Maurice," erm... I think you can pick it up from the fic. He's a sentient cat who can talk and has friends who are rats who can talk, and what else do you need to know?

Ennui - Fandom: Discworld, "Monsterous Regiment". Pairing: Mal/Polly. Rating: PG Warnings: same-gender pairing, some spoilers for the book.


Stories based on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

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Real - Date: 2004-09-14 Fandom: Real Ghostbusters. Word Count: 183

Solstice - Fandom: Real Ghostbusters. Pairing: Winston/Ray. Rating: PG

Just One Kiss - Fandom: Real Ghostbusters. Pairing: Winston/Ray. Rating: PG Warnings: m/m kiss.
And for those interested in the writing process, I'll include the first version, before my lovely beta readers picked it all apart for me and I put it back together better than it was before. ray-winstonV1.txt


Stories based on Red Dwarf.

Insomniac Ramblings - A Red Dwarf based story, the alternate universe female version of Lister.

RDSS stories...
WARNING: The following stories are pretty much completely unreadable if you're not a member of the RDSS (Red Dwarf Slash Society), or at least a huge fan of Red Dwarf. This was written for the "Slash the Slashers" challenge. The premise of this challenge is that everyone who wanted to play put their name in, and the names were then paired at random, and given to each of the players. The player then had to write a slashy story (containing flirting, romance, love, or unrequited affection between members of the same sex) about the given pair. (Writing about real people is _really_ hard - I don't know them that well, and they're around to tell me if they think I didn't portay their characters correctly.)

My response to the challenge - Poet and Lauren's Trip To Oz
Part One:Getting Lost (In which Lauren gets off at the wrong stop, and Poeie stays too long at a party.)
Part Two: Getting Found (In which Poet and Lauren meet the standard little old woman.)
Part Three: Another Lost One (In which they meet a witch in a flying house.)
Part Four: Another Find (In which a hardlight man is good to find) and Part Five: Not An End (In which Poet and Lauren consider their options)

And the story which Poet Norseblue wrote slashing me with Tronella... Duck Soup

Original Fiction

Swept Away!: Two Boys' Adventures On The Great River (with a Thousand Elephants!) - A Pseudo Victorian Boys Adventure My first attempt at a novel length story.

The Old Wolf's Passing - based on a dream I had some time ago.


Where I Am Right Now: An ongoing genesis of polyfidelity Updated April 16, 1998

Love In It's Infinite Diversity: An introduction to the idea of Polyamory, written for a now-defunct Portland ME queer newsletter.

What's there to do in Portland, ME?: A guide to Portland, written in 1998.

Strip Club Reviews: A woman's point of view on the strip clubs I've managed to get to in Maine, Massachusettes and Rhode Island.
last update, April 15, 2002

Book Reviews: haven't done lots, lately.


Night and Day

The Best Mulch For Bamboo Is Tar

Flower Garden (in memory of my Grandmother)

a freeverse and tanka in honor of Gillian Anderson



My new online journal. I probably won't be able to stick with it long, but figured I'd try once again.